YellowLabel allows shoppers to discover Reduced to Clear ‘Yellow Label’ foods and other items in local supermarkets. If left unsold, these items often end up in the bin. Be the first to know when prices drop, start saving, and help prevent food waste!

Yellow Label

YellowLabel is an app that reduces supermarket food waste by advertising and enabling the sale of market down goods to app users.

Prevent Food Waste

The YellowLabel App prevents food waste by advertising the items in supermarkets before they get thrown away.

Save money

The items that we advertise, made famous by their ‘Yellow Labels’, are all at a reduced price. Perfectly edible food, just cheaper!

Shop smarter

YellowLabel is the first app to bring your local store to your phone. We only show you the reductions closest to you, allowing you to peek into the store before you buy!

YellowLabel is filled with easy-to-use interactive features.

Store Pins

Store brand Pins allow you to locate supermarkets in your area. Colour Pins represent Yellow Label item availability – you can tap the pin and view these items. Greyed-out pins mean that there are no Yellow Labels currently available.

List view

List view displays all stores close to you in order of distance.


Looking for reduced price chicken? Veg? Or maybe your favourite store? Use the Search Bar function to find what you’re looking for, and the map or list will change accordingly.


The app will be personalised to you, and offer you the best deals on the items you love!


YellowLabel will keep you informed of all your key stats, such as how much money you have saved, and your positive impact on the environment!

Some of our Happy Users!

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The Yellow Label Team


Francesco Melpignano


Toma Paro

Co-Founder & Director

Richard Torpey


Sam Patchitt

Co-founder & Director



#1 What is YellowLabel?

The YellowLabel app is currently under development. Once live, YellowLabel will allow users to discover and be notified of reduced-price foods available in local grocery stores.

#2 Will YellowLabel be free to download?

Yes. We want all shoppers to save money and help prevent food waste!

#3 Will I be able to buy items through the YellowLabel app?

nitially, YellowLabel will be a live marketing service only, so unfortunately users won’t be able to purchase items through the app.

#4 When will the YellowLabel app be available to use in my city?

We are aiming to roll out our Test App in Leeds, Manchester, and then nationwide. LIKE us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest updates on our city launches!

Contact us

If you have a query about YellowLabel, please contact the team here. For business enquiries, please write ‘Business Enquiry’ as the subject line.

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